What do I do afterwards?

I'm going to the cinema with the girl I like and she knows it's just gonna be the two of us. There are two things I wanna know how I should play things. Firstly, during the film, what should I do? Should I say something to her occasionally, do I stay silent and let her enjoy the film or what? Secondly, I plan on asking her to be my girlfriend. I'm kinda nervous about the asking her out and everything and I guess I know how I would handle the rejection, but what should I do if she says yes? Do I hug? Do I try and kiss? Or should I wait to see what she tries to do, whether it's a hug or a kiss? Or should I do something different? I've never had a girlfriend before so I don't really know what to do, and I don't want to embarrass myself in front of her.


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  • I suggest (if you haven't already planned it) which movie she would like to see (this is an obvious hint to see if she actually wants to watch the movie) if you know exactly which movie she likes and she picks the opposite (something that would bore her) it probably means she wants to talk to you and hang out with you more than she wants to see a movie. Although it depends on the girl obviously. Also if you defiantly know she likes you, go ahead and ask her. Do you childishly flirt? (poke each other, hug each other randomly, tickling..) and if you do, does she seem fine with it/comfortable with it? If you do that ^ then maybe you should compliment her on how she looks when you see her (this also depends on the girl, if she's not the cheesy/corny type then go for a more simple "You look beautiful" (smile while saying it of course, and don't make it sound/seem sarcastic) or "You smell nice" would do too (and again I suggest you avoid using the word today, while complimenting her.. but that's a different story) the rest really depends on the type of person she is (if she likes jokes make a joke, etc.) Oh and when you're asking her don't make it seem like you don't care (thank god you're not the type of person that asks people out via text or whatever it drives me mad, and I respect you for not doing that) ask her at a good time (it'll come to you) if she says yes (this depends on age and what not but in my opinion I don't think you should kiss her straight after, it's a bit forward (unless of course she's more of a confident type) a romantic hug and a peck on the cheek would do (if she shows signs of her wanting to kiss you then go ahead)

    Most of the time it depends on the type of girl she is really, and what she likes. But if you're close friends and you have an idea that she may like you then it's easier in a way. I hope this helped, sorry for the long post and good luck. :)

    • Thank you so much! This is very helpful. We are going go see the most recent American pie film in the cinema, but I don't know if this is something she wants to watch or not. Does that just mean she could want to see it, but might not want to and I won't find out or what?

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