Need dating advice. will this guy get back to me?

So I had fling with a guy (lets call him Fred) about three years ago. We both really liked each other back then but nothing ever happened farther then hooking up because I guess he didn't want a girl friend. We never saw saw each other again up until this past Friday at a bar.

He came up to me and we began to hug and catch up. He told me he's been thinking about me but didn't want to contact me becuase he thought that I hated him for him being so misleading three years ago. I told him it was so long ago and so on.

He told me he wanted me to be his girlfriend, but I told him he was drunk and didn't know what he was talking about. The next day he asked me what time I got off work and to my surprise he came to pick me up! We hung out outside checked out some art shows and then went to a bar. we had a great time.

I told him that he asked me out the night before and he said he remembered even though he was drunk and that he still ment it. So we agreed to see how things go within a weeks time.

This past Tuesday we went on a date and I asked him if he like the Isly brothers, he said he loved them and we also talked about other things. , he walked me to the train and kissed me good night. For some odd reason I was feeling insecure (I guess its because of the past) and I messaged him that same night asking how he felt about us. He messaged me back saying "why don't we talk about this later" I told him to text me.

The only response I got (I think it was for me) was an Isly brothers song Voyage to Atlantis. The only reason why I think its for me is becuase we where talking about the band the night before.

Its now Thursday and he hasn't gotten back to me.

Can someone help me. Did I rush things? What can I do?


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  • I think is weird for him to do that. I mean three years is a long time And I wouldn't go up to the guy I haven't see and ask him to be my boyfriend. unless I kept contacting w him and being friend with him this time. Sound like he is looking for another hook up.


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  • you didn't because of your past. it's better to know the truth. just wait for him, if he cares he will come back

  • I don't think you rushed it I actually thing you are both down the right road.Don't contact him anymore he knows where to reach you at.

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