He says he isn't ready after almost a year?

Well I've been going out with this guy for a while now. It will be a year in 2 weeks. He and I have talked about kissing, and he says he isn't ready. But that was about 4 months ago that we talked about it. So we haven't kissed yet. He is not gay, so don't say that. I don't want to pressure him; I love him very much. But I'm getting a little impatient. Do I kiss him? How do I know if he's ready?


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  • Young guys usually don't have this problem because they are horny all the time. I have to say he might be in closet gay.

    • He isn't gay. He isn't super tough and manly, but he isn't gay. Trust me. I've thought about that

    • Is he still hung on his ex? Like I am seeing/friend with a guy and he is very much in love with his ex. so he is very cold inside.

    • He had a little bit of feelings left for her right before we started dating. But we've talked about her, and he is completely over her. I know he is fully attracted to me too.. I can tell he notices my chest and legs and hips. He likes to hug me and stuff. He just won't kiss mee for whatever reason. I kinda wanna put my foot down. I just don't want to pressure him or like force him to kiss me if he doesn't want to, you know?

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  • how old are you guys?