GIRLS: Do you think it's smart to wait?

So there is this girl I REALLY like. We know each other from school and are in contact loosely but as acquaintances. I can´t really tell if she likes me as more than friends because she is very friendly to everybody.

Due to a skiing injury I've gained quite a lot of weight, but now I´m better and I´m constantly losing weight since I can be active again.

I don´t wanna blow my probably only chance with her so I wonder if it would be smart to wait till I´m at my optimum level looks wise again?

Help much appreciated!

P.S.: She is VERY active herself!


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  • Don't wait completely, talk to her and get to know her more a little so maybe in 6months (if you do want to wait) she knows who you are. I say make a small move now like ask her to be running buddies or something and explain that you were hurt and getting back into shape. Be careful not to get friendzoned though, if you do get to start spending time together make sure you show interest and don't just become her new bff.


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  • No because you are not being confident, what makes you think you are going to be more confident when you are fit? I mean this sounds kind of shallow but you are saying she will only like you because of the outside what about the inside? The inside is the most important! So just go to her and don't worry about your looks, and go with the attitude that you are going to get her.

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