Does this girl want to date me?

So I have this friend whom I've had a crush on for a little while. I finally got the courage to talk to her about this.

I asked her out for drinks a few weeks back and after us talking for about an hour or two, I asked her how come we haven't dated because we get along really well and stuff.

Here response was relatively positive but not definitive. She said that she agreed we do get along really well, that she thought I was indeed attractive, and that her friends had told her they thought we would make a cute couple. She also said that she basically just likes things to happen naturally (I think she got the vibe I was asking he to be my girlfriend right there and then). I didn't really push the issue and basically left it at that as not to make her feel pressured and uncomfortable.

Later that night after I dropped her off, she texted me asking how long I've liked her. I told her a few months and that I just finally realized I was looking in the wrong places when I had a great girl right in front of me. No response. The next day I left to go out of town and all of a sudden she is finding every which way to contact me. Since I was out of the country and I told her I couldn't text, she even started to email me and contact me on Facebook whenever she could. She would talk to me on Facebook every single time I logged in. Ever since I've been back she has been texting me a bit more than normal.

The only issue is that in person she doesn't seem very flirtatious. On the surface not much has changed between us other than the fact that she texts me more often. Then again I've only seen her a few times since I've been back from being out of town and she might just be nervous about what our other friends might think.

So do you guys think this girl likes me and has a genuine interest in potentially dating me soon or is she just using her new found knowledge of my feelings to get some added attention?

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Also, why do you think she would randomly text me to ask how long I've liked her? Just curiosity because she maybe had a feeling I liked her or is there some underlying reason for asking such a thing?


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  • i think she likes you,if she asked you for how long u've liked her she just wanted to know and maybe she has liked you at that time too..i know because it happened to me once.i think she likes you but she just hides behind the cellphone or computer.what you have to do is go out on a date with her ,talk,have fun..and kiss her,it has to come naturally and then ask her to be your girlfriend (it sounds like you really want her to be your gf) so you will see change on the surface.the fact that she talks to you means she likes you and she's probably waiting for you to make the first move and kiss her,ask her to dates or sth.

    • Yeah we're already pretty comfortable with each other. This isn't some random girl I just met, she's a pretty close friend of mine. I have asked to go to dinner to a one of both of our favorite restaurants, its just been hard to work out the schedules since she is a server herself and I work in the morning.

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    • Oh trust me I know. I've made that mistake in the past. But at the same time I don't want to just jump down her throat immediately after our conversation. I'd like to have a steady pace, plus that is what she said after all, natural. Basically I plan on us going on a few dates before I ask her to be officially my GF, and escalating things a bit more each time. I'll definitely kiss her as soon as I'm given the opportunity. I just don't think a croweded bar and amongst 10 friends is it lol.

    • yeah ,just let it naturally ,make her feel good and have fun when you go out and make things real,not through cellphones or fb ,chatting and texting really makes people feel weird when they talk 'live' :p,

      You seem to really care about this girl since you are thinking what to do,how,when .. lol

      I wish you Good Luck! :)

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  • I have done asked that to my crush because I want to know if he is really interested and for how long, it is a hint that I am thinking about how much he likes me.

  • I have a similar issue, and it is tearing me apart not knowing if he honestly wants to date or not because he won't ask but texts me, I am on vacation and supposebly he wants to go out when I get back, and we have been txting for months with no date. For your situation, YES SHE WANTS TO GO OUT WITH YOU :D To get attention we will just reply flirty but not text first a lot. If we really like a guy at first we let him text then we text first and give a lot of flirty txts.

    • Actually she usually texts me first, but yes we are always both really flirty with each other. We tease each other back and forth, make smiley faces and stuff, that kind of thing.

    • Thats what I mean, both you and I are in the same boat, and yes the hearts and smileys texts are part of our texts. But yes, she is interested, trust me.

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