Help! I'm not sure how I should feel.

I've been dating a guy that lives a few hours away from me and we had a pretty good week when I went to see him. We was really flirty and invited me to see all his friends. We've been talking for a almost 2 months and I did approach him about being something more than dating. He said he needed time to think. Well, he just contacted me and said that he's going to continue dating other people if someone else interest him, but he hasn't found someone yet.

I'm not sure how I should feel. Should I stop seeing him?


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  • There is no "should" when it comes to feelings. We feel how we feel. If you are asking how you should act, I would say that continuing to see him is a good idea as long as you aren't adamant about the relationship being exclusive. He probably wants to keep his options open due to it being a long distance relationship, and that is somewhat understandable. You should keep your options open as well. If you both can't find anyone else then the relationship may end up taking the next step after all.

    • Is it common for a guy to date multiple women at once?

      I guess my problem is that he might be using me as something to past the time until something better comes along.

    • Some do, it depends on the guy. I'm more of a one woman guy but other guys will play the field. If you feel like he isn't committed in the same way you are that could be a problem. The options are to suggest exclusivity and end the relationship if he doesn't accept, or to do the same thing he is doing and see what else is out there.

    • I guess I should stop seeing him then. I'm pretty much going to lose the battle to someone that is closer.

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  • He has been very clear in what he wants. HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE IN A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP.

    So the question is: Do you want to continue seeing someone that doesn't want to be in a serious relationship?