Texts first than doesn't reply?

I have a friend, who every few days he will text me good morning or good afternoon. I will text him back and we might trade a text or two and than he just stops replying.

Why do people do this? They start a conversation than do not continue it?

FYI we are friends, he has a girlfriend, and had already rejected me a few months ago so we are just friends. (collage aged kids who are home for the summer and live no-where close to each other)


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  • Maybe he is just keeping things casual because he doesn't want to lose friends? Sure I am in High School but I think relationships still have a blinding effect throughout our lives as we want to spend time with the significant other and therefore spend less time with friends, typically of the opposite gender.

    • I understand that, I just do not understand why people text when they do not want to have a conversation

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