Most embarrassing girlfriend/boyfriend moment.

Mine was actually my first date when I was 14 and it was chaperoned because her parents didn't trust me at first so my mom had come to drive us around and have fun with us. We went to the beach, played at the arcade and went on a boat ride. After, we were done went to the car to leave. My mom was really gassy, like silent but super deadly. I looked at my mom and she was smiling, Because she knew I noticed so I opened the window and it was too late and my girlfriend realized someone farted. she looked at my mom and she was laughing. then my girlfriend started laughing also. The whole ride back was horrible for me... when she was home I walked her up to the door and we had our first kiss

So what was your most embarrassing moment when you were with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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  • One of my mots embarrassing moments was whenever him and I were eating breakfast and watching a comedy show. I was drinking Pepsi, which I should of known better since it makes me very gassy (burps). Whenever a funny moment happened, I went to laugh and burped SO LOUD! He looked over at me like, "O___O" and said "what was that." I couldn't stop laughin, and he started laughing.

  • It was my brother's birthday.

    My boyfriend and I was in my room for some privacy and we were laying on my bed, while I was giving him a handjob and he was playing with my boobs, things got heated. I told him it would be embarrassing if someone came in right now, and 5 minutes later, my brother's girlfriend came in to tell us desert was ready, luckily we barely made it to zip up and everything in time.

    Later that night we were at it again, and we were into it, yet again. This time half of my family came in, saying they wanted to see my new room and walked in and everything. We did zip up and everything again though, but it was very awkward and embarrassing for both of us.

    We'll remember the lock from now on :P


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