When a guy gets defensive on the phone, is it because he likes me?

I have a 39-year-old friend, and this is an unusual situation. He is defensive when I don't do things he wants me to do in association with him. I'm 23 and I realize that we have a lot in common. I'm also married, and his mother confuses me. She wants him to call me back, but I'm unsure if I should call him back even if he says it's okay. The way our last phone went, he really wanted to hear from me again, but not sure how his mother thinks. He still lives with her and goes to school and works. I'm not sure when to call since he doesn't have a cell phone. I really like him as a friend, but unsure how the future will unfold with that.


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  • OK, so you're married? Why are you concerning yourself with this guy? Not sure what he wants you to do so can't really respond much on that. Does your husband know you're talking to this guy? I don't understand this. Need more info.

    • My husband does know about the guy. I grew up in a weird circumstance: I grew up with all guys and didn't get to see my mother because of divorce. So this guy grew up like I did except he grew up with women only. I see him as only a friend though. I got married and have a lot of bladder health problems. My mother talks to me now because I married the guy of her choice because he can support me. It's rather complicated and I get constant reminders at my job that I can't leave the situation.

    • OK, sorry, but I still don't really understand this. I can not offer any advice.

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