Should I pursue this guy or just give up?

I worked with this guy for a couple of years and haven't worked with him since Dec 11. I had feelings for him and but wasn't really interested in pursuing him while we worked I decided to add him as a friend on Facebook and he accepted straight away. I sent him a message and asked if he wanted to catch up,his response was that he'd just come out of a long relationship and wasn't ready to start dating I responded by saying you misunderstood I only want to be friends with you and would like to see you as a friend...he said yes he'd love to catch up but was in a funny place and would get in touch when he was feeling more like his old self. Firstly He never mentioned a girl friend in the 2 years that I worked with him and I thought he was flirting with me but I guess I got it wrong. I haven't heard from him for over a month and I'm not sure what to do ...Do I send him a message or just give up?


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  • If he hasn't contacted you in more than a month then I would move on Bellerose. And definitely don't initiate contact again since he said he would contact you, that's pretty rude of him.


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