If a guy you like asks you to hang out with him, how should you respond?

This guy I really like keeps telling me we should hangout sometime & I really want to but I tell him that I can't that same day cause I need to ask my parents ahead of time. He just responds with "Aww it okay" but never schedules a time we should hang out. I'm scared that by me saying that I can't that same day is causing him to lose interest, so how should I respond next time he asks me? (I don't want to sound like I'm not interested in him cause I really am)

Is it okay for girls to be the ones scheduling when to hang out with the guy cause I've been thinking of doing this next time he brings it up or will this make me seem "too easy"?

Thx :)


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  • I'd say I really want to but can't but there is no reason why you shouldn't schedule something with him.

    • Oh OK thanks :) but do I wait for him to bring it up or do I bring it up when we talk again?

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