What does it mean when a girl acts like this?

There's this girl who, although not overly outgoing, she is chatty, friendly and bubbly around people. However, when me and her talk, she acts differently. She is still friendly and smiles a lot at me, but she acts like she gets annoyed, a lot. Like if I'm talking or make a joke or something, she will usually stare at me with this weirded out look and tell me how weird I am or tease me or call me names. It's fun, I like talking to her and get into these playful arguments with her but its like she KNOWS that if she acts annoyed, I'll get annoyed and when she sees my reaction, she gets this really wide smile and starts giggling.

It's just so obvious that its different when we talk. SHe keeps telling me "oh I act like this because its you" and smart ass responses like that. She seems to enjoy talking to me but sometimes its like she hides it. Like I would try to be humorous and she'll just stare at me like she doesn't get the joke but when she thinks I'm not looking, she'll smile or start laughing, why is this? why am I so different? lol.


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  • Personally I think she likes you. She might not want to admit it tho. You might not be her usual type or she might be worried what her friends think.

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