Is there anyone else who just really, really does not enjoy dating?

I don't like dating, at all. I am not comfortable with it. I have only tried three times, which I know isn't That much. (Two relationships and one that really wasn't one. They didn't end too well: no fights or anything...they just both left me. Wanted me to take the hint by ignoring me. So I did.)

It's not fun. Even the prospect of finding someone that may like me for who I am still does not make it fun or worth it.

Am just asking this question to see if there's anyone else? or any suggestions on how to deal with this dislike for dating.


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  • This may sound pessimistic but its what I've found. Yes dating sucks in many ways if your really looking for a serious relationship. First of all a lot of people in the world just aren't very honest and will act certain ways in order to fool you and get certain things out of you, either because they want sex or because they feel awkward telling you the truth and it's easier for them to lie. Also many if not the vast majority of people that date are serial monogamists and really have little intention of getting into a serious relationship (which is what your probably assuming they are working towards).

    A way to make dating easier would be to lower your expectations and to realize the person your dating (especially true in men because they don't like to commit as much) will likely just want to date around to different people and avoid getting serious. Think about how many people really don't want relationships or have issues really connecting to people on an adult level are out there. They still want sex and casual opposite gender attention, so they date. Try not to take it personal. If you end up finding that really great person that does it for you and if your lucky enough that he wants to commit long term you win the game.

    Instead you may choose to look at dating as trying to have a good time until you meet Mr./Miss right. Yes it's usually a slow process.


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  • OMFG! I HATE dating so much! I would rather go to the dentist then go on a date with someone I really want to get to know. If I could ever get to the relationship phase of things I that would be great but the "dating" and getting to know you part is horribile!


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