What's the best way to ask someone to hang out?

So I talked to this girls mother at a reception at a wedding and she started talking about her daughter. Her daughter is shy (I'm shy but not as much) and we both seem to have a fair bit in common. Her mum asked me to drop by the fish and chip shop where she works to ask if we can become friends. We both live in a town where we got bullied at the same school (but never met) and we both don't have friends. I want to ask her if we could hang out sometime but not as in boyfriend/girlfriend.

Does anyone have any ideas how I should ask her to hang out?

Side note: We both know how to make friends (we're not fully anti-social, its just this town is VERY judgemental)


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  • I think your sidenote explains it already. If you already know how to make friends then just make a friend. Friends eventually hang out and if there is more then it goes from hanging out to dating. How you should ask her out? Do you know her interests? Like if she likes jogging then go together and after the jog u'll both be tired and relaxed so chatting would be easier. :-)