Do many guys kiss a not so pretty girl to get to the one they like?

most guys seem to do almost anything to get a girl they like to kiss them...

last time I went out with my female friend who is really nice and who was looking for a guy. she's average looking, not very stylish and has this "stressed / pessimistic" vibe to her, which is why she's not very good with guys. anyway, a guy approached us and my friend thought he's so hot and the man of her dreams and bla bla :). so she paid full attention to him and flirted heavily. while I was trying to stay in the background and be a bit cooler with him. unfortunately she thought he's interested in me not her. I thought he's cute but the personality didn't fit and I already had another date to meet there. anyway, I told him he should make out with my friend and his answer was "only if you kiss me too".

I can tell that he meant it, so I'm just wondering how many guys do this and how many girls have experienced something like this?


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  • Dude was a bit of a player, and clearly didn't really care about your friend's feelings. I don't think that's normal among guys tbh, unless they're incredibly confident or deludedly sure it would make you jealous, they wouldn't do it or suggest it.

    He may have just been willing to settle for (what he considered) less anyway but wanted to see if he could get you before he went for your friend. It's happened to me before, a guy that two of my friends liked was flirting with me. Didn't want to get involved with that shizzle so I just ignored him for most of the night, I thought he was cute too. He did go off with one of my friends in the end though.

    • hmm so I guess it's common. your guy sounded like the one I met ^^

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  • I've never seen this approach, personally. It's pretty clear that you were the one he was after from the start. It speaks of his motives that he didn't take a hint when you tried to divert him to someone else. He was not interested in a relationship: so personality meshing was not something he was considering. Mutual physical pleasure was all he was after, and the more attractive the girl, the more pleasing the sex (to the guy).

    • i don't know how you could possibly "see" in my description that he was into me from the beginning. and he might have been after sex only, that's true. however I said no to his "offer" and he saw afterward that I was meeting another guy in that bar. he told my friend it's cute how I run away from that other guy. and he first turned my friend down but like an hour later I saw them kissing. my friend told me it was just one kiss and then he left without asking for her number. but she was happy :)

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    • yes, but you're a girl. Men are not like that. We could have sex with a tree.

    • hahahaha

  • I don't think guys will do this. I think the guy is more interested in you than your friend, so he is 'testing' you by asking you for a kiss. But since you refuse, he move on to his second target which is your friend, but clearly he is not that into her since he did not even get her number. And it is likely that he is more attracted to you, because you 'stay in the background', he may have the impression that you are more difficult to get, which create attraction. The more we cannot get something, the more we want it.

    • haha it's not just an impression. I'm too hard to get, it's not good. and my friend always talks to a guy first! I'd never do that

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    • i don't have male friends lol just giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls :)

    • I mean to practice with your girl friends :)

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