Do I still have a chance with this girl?

So we fought about how clingy I can get, I can go a month or so without being clingy, on Tuesday and she agreed when I asked if she wanted me to leave her alone awhile. On Thursday I sent her two messages, 2 likes, and one comment. On Friday I sent her one message and one comment. But Thursday evening she sent me a picture of her with her hair curly. We have know each other a few years and this thing always happens in the summer cause we are separated by 200 or so miles. How should I go about getting her to at least recognize me again?


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  • I think you still have a chance, for sure. She is just doing her own thing for now. You should probably limit the amount of messages and comments you send her, she gets the picture that you still want her. Just give her some space and let her come to you first.

    • What about the whole "leave me alone for a while"? I have been told that it means an instant 'no way ever again'.

    • Well she might be saying that because you are smothering her with messages and comments. Limit the amount of communication with her and see if she talks to you still. If not, then you'll know she's not worth waiting around for. Remember there's a million other fish in the sea! I do think she likes you but she just needs her space for a little bit... now it's just up to you if you want to wait around for her...

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