GUYS!!! I need your help :) Did this guy I was dating think I have a boyfriend or that I wasn't as into him?

From his perspective...

We met at a club and really hit it off! Usually, you go to the club and have some fun with your friends and dance with some hot strangers, but rarely do you make a connection with someone and have more than sexual interest in them. He got my number and texted me that night, telling me he had fun with me. We made plans to meet up for lunch, but there just so happened to be a really bad storm that day and we both agreed that we shouldn't be driving in that. So then we made plans to go to the club again, but my sister had an emergency and I had to go watch her baby. At this point, we were texting all day every day with in depth, hilarious, sometimes personal conversations. There was a connection established there, but we weren't hanging out outside of the club. We spent Valentine's Day together and I didn't act like the outgoing, fun, intellectual, witty girl I was when we texted. After the date, he started to not reply to my texts all the time. We met up at the club a couple of days after our date and had our first kiss, made out on accident with him rubbing my knee cap, pulling my dress down, rubbing my shoulder and acting like my boyfriend. After that night, he shaved the first letter of my name into his head. He invited me on a trip to Europe with him. Yet would make comments such as “Do you have a boyfriend” and “Are you still single?” indicating that he thought there was another guy involved most likely because he was always like “We can hang out whenever you want” and I’d never make time for him the way he would. After a night of going to his house late to hang out, NO HOOKING UP AND HIM RESPECTING THAT, him giving me head/back/and shoulder massages and rubs and kissing me all over my face, me waking up to his kisses all over my face and shoulders then him taking me out to breakfast; he stopped talking to me. I never heard from him again. When he dropped me off, we hugged and he kissed me on the shoulder…I didn’t even give him a kiss goodbye.

From my perspective...

I was incredibly shy and just now getting over social anxiety and depression. The dating world was new to me. I overanalyzed EVERYTHING and I sincerely was stronger at communicating through texting and the computer than I was face to face at that phase of myself. I avoided hanging out because I had a bit of anxiety and I didn’t want to give him an impression that turned him off :/ Yet, I can see how he may interpret that as me simply not being as into him as he was into me. I didn’t give him a kiss goodbye because I was SHY. In my mind at the time, no impression was better than a bad impression and that bit me in the ass because my shyness made me lose one of the great ones : (

Guys, what do you think of this situation? Am I right? Did he stop talking to me because he thought I wasn’t as interested? Your thoughts on this post?


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  • Tell him that your not with anyone and that you are into need to make everything over compilcated.