I don't what to do ! :(

My boyfriend talks to me everyday. Yesterday he didn't text at all, at night I text him if everything's OK , if he is OK and to text me so I know everything's alright.,BUT he didn't. I thought maybe his phone is dead or is having problems. But I called him, restricted, and he picked up. I tex him a few minutes after I called him and he didn't text, then I call him but this time showing my number and he didn't pick up. I don't if I should call him today again, maybe break up. I have no clue,he's never acted this way.


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  • don't be so clingy?

    You sound like a wonderful girlfriend because you're worried, but back the hell off. Maybe this is his way off showing you he needs a break from talking to you every second of the day..? Let him come to you when he is ready

    • I'm not clingy at all 0.0 .In this relationship I'm the one that can't feel controlled or asphyxiated because I freak out,he is the one that needs to know what I'm up to. he texts me everyday, when I wake up I already have a text from him saying good morning, he is alway testing first and that actually gets him mad,he said he love me and I don't the feel that yet .I'm worried omg I need him I'm going crazy -_- not. I just don't know what's going on because this is not a typical behavior from him.

    • Well keep doing what you do best. maybe he is asleep

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  • You say you aren't clingy, but, you are being clingy. Text, no answer, text, no answer, restricted call, text, normal call, text. Are you for real? How is that NOT clingy. I understand your concern, BUT you freakin isn't going to help the situation. If he's not feelin it anymore, you texting every 5 minutes isn't going to change his mind, if anything it'll confirm it for him. If you leave him alone for a few days, (let him get a hold of you), maybe it'll give him sometime to cool off and think. He'll appreciate that you were able to grant him the space that he obviously needs. No matter what his intentions and where the relationship may be headed, you really gotta pump the breaks on the contact bit and just relax. Find something to occupy yourself with. After all, if something was REALLY wrong and he wasn't OK, you would know about it.

    • I text him at the end of the day around 11pm, its not like I was texting him all day. I'm anything but clingy trust me lol. He called explaining me that there was a problem. His stepfather punched his mother really bad and he got into a huge fight with his stepdad. Then the police went over and it was all a big mess. I'm not in need of him texting me, I know how acts so him not texting me at all or not even answering was a totally something is wrong.

    • Hope things are ok!

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