How forward is TOO forward?

I've been kind of talking with this girl who works at a bar'n'grill I go to. She came out with me and some friends after she got off work a couple of weeks ago and we ended up hooking up that night.

SHe tells me she just got out of a long relationship, so to me that is a big sign that she's just looking to have fun, nothing serious.

Anyway I want to take her out again and see where things go, but I'm not too sure where to take her. I was thinking of having her meet me up at bar with some friends to watch the Heat game tonight, then go back to my place and hang out, just me and her.

Is it a good idea to invite her over to my place? She's not a whore or anything but I think she likes me so.. How would you girls feel?

Gracias :)

When I say we hooked up, I don't mean 'sex', just real long, heated make out session.


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  • Well, technically you already had sex, so you're just asking for more... You might want alone time with her in a public place, show her that sex isn't the only thing on your mind.

    • No, when I say hook up I meant like makeout/grinding type stuff, no actual sex though.

    • Oh! (Sorry, I was recently told differently about that term. I didn't mean to offend you!) I'd still try not to make it all about alone/physical time; try taking her on a long walk or something like that... Chat her up this time so you get to know who she is and if you're attracted to the whole person or just the sexy shell, haha.

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