Does he have a justified reason to be mad at me?

OK so the other day me and my boyfriend broke up and we both took it fairly well for a breakup. But my best friend got really mad and now he won't talk to me. He didn't know my boyfriend so I know he's not trying to stick up for him or anything. But he said he wasn't sure if he waned to be my friend anymore because I'm too much drama. and I "never really liked my boyfriend" (that isn't true, I liked him in the beginning but he changed and I sort of just lost interest) and because I broke up with him too quickly. I would understand if this was coming from one of my exes friends but they don't even know each other. Is my friend justified to be this mad and not talk to me? and if he is why?


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  • This sounds like a very immature guy to me. I wouldn't even bother giving him attention cause right now it sounds like he's the one that's too much drama. What happened between you and ex stays there and has nothing to do with him so you have no reason to feel bad and I do not see how he can possibly be angry at you over something that has zero to do with him. Let him go, he'll probably come back again some time.

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