What should I do ?

its been 6 months and 2 weeks with my bf. everything is soo prefect and amazing I couldn't ask for more. but the thing is that he's 4 years older than me. he doesn't like hanging out with my friends.. I totally understand that, but when I was telling him about double dating with 2 classmates who happen to be seeing older guys (just like me) he said no ! knowing that I always go out with his friends when he asks me to. how can I get him to spend some time with my friends? id love to double date with my friends!


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  • Haha, I was dating someone 4 years older then me for a little bit, but I think the best thing to do here is talk to him, tell him what you just told us, say, "I hang out with your friends a lot, why won't you just hang out with mine once? Who knows? It could be really fun!"


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  • hmm.. I don't know it seems a little weird.. I think your guy may be a little "anti social" or not "open to new things" socially.. because.. I mean if you're 18-24...4 years older then you is NOT that big an issue.. at all? I really don't see why he doesn't want to do anything with your friends? maybe one day you should just try to impose one of your "more serious, composed" friends.. on him.. like if he's at your place.. "oops yeh she's coming over.." or "oops yeh she's been over, I didn't tell you?" I mean.. maybe your guy is insecure himself? But yeah.. this is a question that would really need to have personal insight.. I guess try to update me or help me with where you see I'm going if I'm totally wrong lol. goodluck!