If a guy has not texted for 3 days does it mean he has lost interest? please I am freaking out!

so I have talked to this guy for 4 months..pretty nice guy.

of course he would call and want to see me all the time when we first met

things settled down after and we have gotten pretty comfortable. we still texted every single day but I guess as usual all the chasing went away.

about a month ago, he took two days off from me. he never replied to my last text. I freaked out but he came back and said hi and all that (being paranoid for no reason). so after that I had finals like last week so I did not reply to him for a day just so I can focus on studying. when I came back and said sorry I had lots to do, he was was indifferent. maybe a little butthurt.

we texted for two days after that but he would sometimes take forever to text (which he always seemed to do even when we first started talking so I was not worried). the only thing that was weird is that we talked all night and he never responded after 10 oclock 3 days ago. so for three days he has not talked to me. I don't know if he is trying to say he is uninterested or if he just wants space. when we would text lately and he would not reply, I would send another text (I no a complete no no maybe clingy?). also just last week he was calling me wanting to hang out and was kind of really sad that I said no because I had a birthday.

how long should I wait to contact him? I just need to know if it is nothing or it is over..

some friends are saying it is and some are saying I am being paranoid again.

if you need more info let me know! thank you in advance. I truly appreciate it.


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  • If I was the guy I'd realize you're somewhat obsessed with me, giving me the advantage to take advantage of you, even play you. (yes, I realize I'm an a**, just being honest).

    If I were you I'd give it a week or so and see if he texts you, if not, try texting him. Why not ask him out on a date while you're at it?

    • yea this past few days I have been kind of clingy so I think it made him want space who knows. I jus hope it is not over.

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