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I am in college but maybe a little dense or started dating late. There is this really hot guy in one of my classes which I saw at a party I went to with a bunch of my girl and guy friends. At a point, he had his back to me but there was a mirror we could both see in and we ended up looking into each others eyes with the mirror. This must have gone on for 20 minutes. For the first 10 I would occasionally look away for a while and when I looked back he would still be looking and again our eyes would lock again. I was so taken in that for the last 10 I didn't look away at all. So I guess he got smart and went to an area I couldn't see him in the mirror I guess to see if I was still mirror gazing but he had a problem. He was hemmed in a crowded area and a really big guy friend of mine stood between me and the looker and I guess he didn't want to obviously rubber neck. (later my guy friend independently told me the guy was staring a hole in him) and I think he was trying to see where I was looking to make sure he wasn't nuts? Add to that later on he came over, said he was on his way out put his hands on my shoulders from behind me and said he would see me in class. Problem is the door was the other way. I think he may have had a date with him and unsure who each of my guy friends were to me. We do this in class but very much less prolonged and when I first threw him a gaze, he actually looked behind him to see who I was looking at. So what is happening here? Is he showing signs of interest?


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  • If he is a "hot guy" lol (I assume you mean good looking) and the ladies see him shine from killometers away, then he's been exposed to the ladies far earlier than the average man, so, he'll let your highness know, unless you chat him up directly (never!) instead of flicking your hair to tell him "Indirectly" ...Come and get me hitch!

    But you are responsible for your choices in life :)

    stay safe, be good aaaaaand keep your pants on...peace ;)


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  • haha he sounds kinda slick. I may critique him. id ditch the first line and plan my exit better; and only whisper "ill see you in class"

    • I think the part about the door is that he went out of his way to touch me. Do you have an opinion about his interest level or lack of?

    • from your words, id say he is interested in you. aha, I don't really have any experience in gauging interest levels but ill say he definitely is interested.

  • Either he's showing signs of interest or that mirror must be some work of art...


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