Ladies when you logg off, do you say by?

Ladies, when you are online and you want to logg off, do you say take care/bye to those you are chatting to? or since its online you just log off not giving a toss if anyone asked you a question on the chat box?

And no I don;t mean when someone's computer freezes or something...I mean you ignore people you don;t want to talk to (so you do that to brush them off?).


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  • i always say night or bye etc.. I never just log off unless I'm pissed at them (like storming out in person)

    • Thats nice, the world needs to see more nice people than proud ones who labels people without knowing them.

    • yup definitely :)

  • i ignore people I don't want to talk to but I will always tell someone I have to go or bye

    • So you ignore people you don;t like and don;t even answer their "hi" or "bye" you like people treating you the same way?

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    • well I'm sorry to say this but you are the bitch and the hoe and a hypocrite. you are saying in disrespectful by ignoring when you are disrespectful by name calling. how would you like it if I called your mother a bitch and a hoe? you are rude yourself! I'm done replying to this and I won't be seeing your next message. its pointless. I'm ignoring you now :) bye

    • I really don;t wanna hurt your feelings, honestly, your a butterfly.

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