Dating this guy, need advice!!

- guy asked me out a few weeks ago

-we have hung out every other day since

-he didn't text me for 3 days

-i asked him if he lost interest and he said we should talk in person

-im confused because on our last date he bought me lunch, put his arm around me, looked for shoes to take me rockclimbing, and kissed me goodbye. Now I think he's going to end it? I'm very lost

ps. I did not sleep with him

what do you think this means?


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  • Joellols why give the girl a fake dreams about it, if he didn't text or call her for 3 days there is only one explanation. She did not sleep with him so that's why he now wait's for the trap to click Dear girl listen to a men who knows what is saying he now wants you to search him and to ask him out and maybe you are gona sleep with him in the end because you are going to be become very interested in him it's a very known trick by the way

    • im a little confused at this but I think I get the jist of it haha

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  • well I think he is in for a one time only so better avoid him I am serious

    • he said he respects that I don't want to sleep before exclusivity, but who knows eh

  • A lot can happen in 3 days...but 3 days can also go by in a instant if you're busy. He may just want to see you in person. Don't delve too much into it, he seems generally interested if he did all that for you.

    • thats what I am hoping for it as going really well in my mind

  • thats a tough one I'm sure its a lot better than it sounds maybe he's wanting to tell you he's confused by how he feels and wanting to take it slower cause he thinks he loves you already

    • seriously? well I am also going to oz for a month soon too so I'm wandering if maybe that's unattractive to him

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