Questions for the guys.. please help me out I need your advice

There is this guy that I like.. he is very flirty with me.. and it seems like he is interested.. he has asked me if I have boyfriend, what type of guy I like, and if he happens to come down near where I live that he would buy me dinner.. but at time I was confused so my friend told me to throw a fish at him to see if he is interested.. so I texted him asking when is he going to come down to LA to buy me a drink.. then he said drink? I thought you don't drink and then he said if we drink then you will be bad kid... then he said lets just have dinner instead.. so I said that sounds even better then he said being bad kid or having dinner.. so I said of course having dinner you silly.. then after that he was just like what is this hehe, and was like aiyai.. little baby.. Because I am younger then him.. it was good until then , then I mad a mistake.. I sent him a cute little icon that a girl was giving a guy kiss saying your mine.. he did not reply anything after that.. and I was wondering I'll see him tomorrow at church.. so here is the questions.. you think its a good idea to text him today and just say hey how's it going? to see if he replies and just ask if he is comign tomorrow? or is it just better to leave it as it is and act cool as if it was nothing tomorrow.. what do you think guys? help me out please your best advice as a guy.. Because I really like him and I wnat guys opinion


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  • I see no reason why that wouldn't be a good idea. Be warned, nam jas like that are very controlling.

    • oh your Korean.. cool! Neways what do you mean? what part of it makes you think he is controlling? also by me sending that text.. you think that would pull him away ... like I am chasing him?

    • The fact that he called you na puh for wanting to drink is a big indicator he already has a idea of how you should be. And a text like that definitely tell him that you're chasing him, but why that would make him pull away is beyond me.

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