Confused about two guys, what should I do?

I had a really bad break up a couple of months ago and just made through it with the help of the guy I now have feeling for.

my ex dumped me for no apparent reason and this guys were my shoulder to cry on. we have been seeing each other for almost a month now (but nothing more than that, we haven't even kissed yet) and he's always saying how he want's to make me the most happier woman on earth and he's always really nice to me.

but, from nowhere, my ex started to text me again.

he has another girlfriend now and just told me he had even been with some other girl (one night stand) while that, even knowing my ''strict policy'' about it.

but, my problem is, he had acted before like he acts towards me now (giving hope and take it way) and it get's me always really confused about everything. and he knows I still have feeling for him and keeps playing with it.

i don't know what to do. And I'm really afraid I may lose both if I choose it wrong. I don't even know if I should tell my guy friend that my ex contacted me again.


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  • Your ex had his chance, there will too much water under the bridge for it ever to be the same again. Trust me, you'd be thinking of him and his new girlfriend or the girl he had a one night stand with and you won't be able to get the thought of them together whenever you're being intimate or whatever, also he's been able to move on and not look back until now? He's dirty, he's been used, he's your ex for a reason. He dumped you..for no reason and now you're even considering going for him again? He'll just do the same thing again, promise you that, he sounds like my ex and guys like that don't change. It won't work my sweet, sorry!

    Don't tell your guy friend, that will give him doubts and will probably upset him, no guy wants to be a second choice. Go for your guy friend, it's a new start for you and it will help you get over your ex, he had his chance, he blew it and quite frankly you're playing right back in to his hands, acting very weak and being controlled by him if you go back to him after all he's put you through. Have some self respect and don't go back to things that aren't good for you!