Should I have kissed him?

So...before I start, I want to clear this up. If my age doesn't quite fit, it's because I logged in on my sister's account because I'm too lazy to make my own.

Ok. So there is a guy, who we will call Luke. Luke and I have always been close friends ever since he broke down and cried one day while in class and I comforted him. Anyway, in class last week, on Tuesday, we were doing what we typically do, which some type of hardcore flirting.

On the 13, we told each other that we sincerely loved one another. Ever since then, our little bond has become enraged with hormones, but still there is the fact that he thinks I'm dating this guy... but I'm not. Anyway, last Tuesday, I was sitting on his desk poking his chest and abs (he's a football player so his muscles are insane). I looked up at one point to tell him something, and at the same point he puts his hands down on the desk on either side of me and he leans in over me. We are close enough for his insanely long dirty blonde hair to blend in with my black bangs (I would so put dirty blonde streaks in my hair now but I would get over it in a day), and I looked up into his hazel eyes and his breathing was so shallow and hard, it was kinda scary.

Not kinda scary, it was scary. Like all of the guys who had made to class thus far weren't paying us attention until now. It was quite an experience. But instead of closing our tiny gap, I freaked out (he would be my first kiss) and I stroke his hair like always. Then I touch noses with him, in eskimo fashion, and he smiles deeply, I smile back but instead of connecting our lips, I just reach around his torso and pull him into a hug as I jump off of his desk.

For the entirety of class he stared at me and he had this defeated look on his face and he would shake his head quite often. It made me feel terrible and when the teacher called the class up to her desk, he watched me go up and giggle with the teacher because she was proud of me for having all 4 of my science credits as a freshman and my schedule next year is going to be full of classes most seniors wouldn't touch. I look over to him, because we had basically done our schedules together and he half-heartedly smiles back. So when I walk by his desk, I playfully yank his hair in a way which he told me he wanted a girl to pull his hair. He looks up at me smirking and he grabs my ass, and stands up next to me, being 5'2 and him being 6'2 we aren't on even terms anymore. Then he leans into me and whispers, "I still love you. I'll wait." I look up at him and his face is tear streaked.

It made me sad like terribly. Should I have kissed him? I know I regret not doing it, mainly because one of my friends said she liked him and she had already been subjected to watching me and Luke in the auditorium act like a couple. I also didn't kiss him because I'm not sure about anything. I love Luke, and I love a sophomore also. I love two guys equally but Luke and I...something about us...

Should I have kissed him?

Oh yeah, he's my bestest guy friend. And we text daily for 5+ hours not counting when we text for the 7 hours we are in school.


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  • Lol ...I've got to admit that you had me drawn in from the beginning; cute story. Sounds like you and Luke have got a major thing for each other (duh) ...BUT I think you answered your own question sorta. You mentioned that you're "not sure about anything". Despite the bond that you guys have, it may be in your best interest to sort through the feelings that you have for BOTH guys first. It's never a good idea to kiss a guy that you're not 100% or at least pretty sure about. So in my opinion, you did the right thing. Another indicator that it was okay not to kiss him was the fact that he told you that it was okay that it didn't happen right then. Pretty mature thing to say in the situation you both were in. So I'd say it was fine that you didn't kissed the guy. If he's the right guy for you, I'm pretty sure another oppurtunity will present itself where you'd be confident that right then and there would be the time to lay it on him :) Good Luck.

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You helped me a ton because...well I don't know if there are words for the help. Something you said made it click and connect in my brain. Lol. Thank you so much.

    • I'm glad I could help you. If you need my opinion about anything else, send me a message and I'll get back to ya :)

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  • I think you just like watching Luke cry. Should you kiss him? I suggest you do it, before he flies into some pubescent, hormone-induced rage and lays waste to the luchtime population of your local McDonald's! Good grief, girl! I'm having an anxiety melt-down just readin about it!

    • Lmao. You made me laugh insanely hard. I've only seen him cry that one time and I felt terrible for him. I'm also sorry about your melt-down. ^_^

      Thanks for brightening my day

  • I love Luke, and I love a sophomore also. I love two guys equally but Luke and I.]

    No but: first decide which one: two is one to much.

    And open an account instead of using your sisters' account.

    BTW, "bestest" is no English.

    • I'm sorry that my english isn't up to your standards. I was really in a fluster about the entire situation. I also won't be opening my own account because my sister doesn't even use this account or the email address that goes with it, so I won't be opening up a new account to pacify you. I'm completely sorry for all that I've caused you.

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  • Awwwww that's so sweet! Yeah well I have never seen this "Girl Codes" book in my life so I guess that relationships is a dog-eat-dog world. if he loves you and you love him then just tell your friend.. I'm sure she'll understand. Maybe not at first but the next day she will. Trust me my friend went out with this guy I liked and I was all p*ssed and she knew it too but I stood with it so she knew how strong I was and so she broke up with him so he could ask me out.. and did he?!?! haha yeah he did. so yeah it's okay that you kissed him. Don't worry about it.