Text messaging, what are your views?

Girls, what are your main reasons for not texting a guy back? You've swapped numbers, or you may be a dating/partners, or even friends, so why would you ignore a text? If you ignore a text and a guy then sends another text, does it annoy you? If you send a text and a guy ignores it does that bother you too?

  • I always text back and hate games
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  • I often text back and if I forget, I text within a few days max
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  • I rarely text back as I like the chase
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  • I never text back
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  • If you have only sent one text then try again, my phone doesn't always display all messages sometimes only the last. If she still doesn't respond then it's probably intentional.


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  • I always text back, even if I hate it, I prefer calls!

  • Boredom x-x


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