This girl is taking a long time to respond! :/ What now?

So we met on an online dating site. Sad I know :P but we have been talking a lot of the past couple days and we really connected online. She gave me her number w/o me asking and she said how she would really need to make a connection with someone before she even considered meeting them and we had plans for tomorrow. We talked a little over the weekend online... she was still asking questions and she told me to text her when I got back from my cabin(I left my phone at home but had a laptop with wifi to talk to her). 5 hours ago I got home from my cabin and I texted her and she still hasn't responded. She also was online on the dating site last night but didn't reply to my message... I don't think she was on for very long though. So I'm just a little confused now. We have plans to meet tomorrow but we don't know exactly what time or if I'm picking her up or what. If she doesn't reply for a while, should I contact her again tonight to check about tomorrow? Or should I call her tomorrow morning?

Or is it very possible she just has been to busy to respond to that text and she'll most likely respond? I'm just confused. I don't know how, but I'm insanely into this girl. I like her way too much for not even meeting her in person yet. It's weird. We're so similar and she just seems amazing. And because of that, I'm worrying a ton abotu her not responding. She hasn't been on the dating site yet today...only last night for a short amount of time.


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  • she probably has seen the message, she's just not sure about meeting up. just shoot her a text saying something like, "hey are we still on for tonight?" or just go out and do something and see if she can meet up. if she can't make it, she can't make it. if she does, awesome. just do what you do

    • She sent me a message on the dating site yesterday afternoon. In it she said "Anyway. Monday would be splendid, if you are still up for it! " So she seems excited about meeting. Plus she gave me her number so she's definitely interested in meeting up. Well, at least I think.