What does his text post our first date mean?

so after our date yesterday...i texted him saying thanks for the wonderful time yesterday, which by the way included a whole LOT of making out...it got intense, let me just say!

anyway, he replied back 5hrs later that "he had a great time too, even if I was a bad influence on him...smiley/ tongue poking emoticon used" what the heck does that mean? how am I a "bad influence"?

ps I can't figure him out...cant tell if he is a shy guy who likes to be aggressive when we are alon or whether he is a smooth-talking player who wants to get in my pants? we had a good time, he was a real gentleman, but when we were alone, all he wanted to do was use his tongue to make out...


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  • Some guys don't do PDA but when alone think kissing is how to keep you in to him. Try another date he problem thought he was being cute with the text

  • he is teasing you/ only time can tell. I wouldn't have texted him right after the date personally. next time wait for him to contact you and see if he tries to take you on dates again. that should show his real intent.