Do guys ever send wrong texts on purpose to start a convo?

A Guy just sent me a text saying "ok not everybody ;) are you still batting the boys away?". He then texted later saying "sorry that was suposed to go to my cousin ha". We haven't talked in over a week and the last time we texted it was about our plans falling through.

Hes told me he likes me multiple times and has texted me since January. He has only tried to sleep with me a couple times and every time I told him no he didn't pressure me. I really fell for humans other people told me he was in love with me too.

He is pretty flaky with texting back however and so I'm wondering if he is playing me or if he purposefully sent it so he could start a convo? Does he just seem like a jerk?


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  • Haha, yes that is a classic conversation starter. I would be lying if I said I hadn't tried it, and it works almost every time. As for if he likes you, don't know...don't know enough of the guy or you to make a conclusion. You said he didn't pressure you into sleeping with him even though he obviously wants to which leads me to believe he isn't a "jerk" in that sense.

    • Yeah right after I told him it was OK, he texted me asking how my week has been. He's very confusing though because he will usually text me first, we talk a bit then he'll stop responding to my texts. It starts all over a few days or a week later. But yeah he definitely has tried-especially when I stayed the night because it was late but all we did was make out. I know he wanted to but I always pushed him away and he never said anything about it-just tried again later haha. He's just very flaky

  • You fell for humans? ;)

    It sounds like he wanted to start a convo, and thinks if he always texts you you won't like him.

    • Hahaha I didn't even notice that until now! It was probably autocorrect... Thanks!

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