Do guys like mean flirting? And should I message him?

Well I met this guy at a party and well we flirted and teased but ever time he said something nice I'd disagree or joke and say he's ugly if he asked if he was good looking. We ended up kissing and that was all. Is it bad to be a mean flirt if you want guy to like you?

Any way a couple of days he messages to ask about the night and said he had a good time, we talked for a bit then I said I had to go. I would like to get to know him but its been a week and no messages

should I message him? Our just leave it and move on, cos I'm wasting my time?


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  • Mean flirting is good when the two are comfortable with each other and have talked for a while. you can do it and all but not 24/7 or else the guy feels like everything he does isn't working. and guys that kiss girls the first night out most likely won't talk to you so if he doesn't respond to you anytime soon then don't even bother


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  • I love mean flirting, it shows that you have a sense of humor and you are not trying to impress anybody. There's a girl who is that way with me and I love it and I think she knows I like it because we do it ALL the time. However, that's the way I see it, I'm not sure if she does it to be plain mean or she is flirting, she doesn't do it with anybody else so she is either flirting or plain doesn't like me.. But yes, I personally love it


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  • Consistently mean flirting is not nice. It's okay to set up a bit of banter at the very beginning, but the tone you set at the start of the relationship will set the tone for the rest of the relationship, and guys tend to like to up the ante on sarcasm whenever the opportunity arises -- not to be mean, but as an indicator that they're comfortable around you... like when they're with their friends and talking smack. Girls tend to internalize this over time, which confuses the guys, who thought their girl was "cool with" the mean banter.

    • That's somewhat true. In my case (above) it seems that the longer she has known me, the stronger the banter and sarcasm gets, the ocassions when we just have a "regular" conversation are far in between, moslty when we are "upset" at each other. It started very low key, just a few playful things here and there but it has escalated to the point where people already know our routine. In this case, I believe this is her true self and I believe a girl being herself is the biggest flirting signal.

    • It's really only good for as long as feelings don't get hurt.