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I was just starting to date a guy and I thought we were getting closer. He recently told me that he had been burned by his ex and that he needs some time to himself. He asked me if we could still be friends. I do like him and I would really like to continue dating him, but at the same time, I want to support him and I know what he's going through, so I would never push anything. But now I'm not sure how to act; normally with a friend I would check up on them just to say Hello. I'm not sure if that is what he wants though. Do I need to just step back and let him contact me? Should I wait a week or two and then check in if I don't hear from him? I know he's still attracted to me, but I don't know if he has feelings for me. What should I do to both support him while not ruining any potential future friendship or relationship with him?


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  • If he wants to remain friends, he still wants you to be apart of his life. He's most likely wanting to just get rid of any remaining feelings he had with his ex, which is a good and considerable thing so you don't bring baggage into the next relationship. Just continue to talk to him, see how he's doing and let him know you're there if he needs to let his feelings out. As a guy myself, I love it when I can vent to someone else that I know will listen and not judge.


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