Is this girl trouble? She claims to be Bi?

I'll try to make this short. A few days ago a new girl started working in my department where it is mostly guys. So as you can imagine most of the guys went after her, including me sadly. I only consider two of them to be worth while competition. She is cute and I like her personality, but the more I talk to her the more I kind of feel like running away.

When the two of us are alone talking her personality seems to change. She claims to be bisexual and she told me that I was the only person at work that she has told. I'm not so sure about that though. She keeps trying to tell me how promiscuous she is, which contradicts an early conversation we had where she stated that she was looking for a long term relationship. She has told me her perfect first date ends on the couch, if you know what I mean.

What the hell is going on with this girl? I've seen her flirting with multiple guys, but that seems to just be her personality. I think she probably likes me, or at least wants to do me...but she kinda seems like a needy attention whore. Which is a huge turn off to me, especially if she comes with HIV or something. She is currently single since she broke up with her boyfriend two weeks ago.

Should I ask her out this weekend? ha ha I'm so conflicted!


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  • Run so fast your legs fall off.

    She sounds like an attention whore that's trying to sound appealing, but is actually a nut case. In a few days she proclaimed her sexuality, told you she porked a lot of guys, and you see her flirting with half the building. She sounds like she's trying to be "one of the guys", but it's coming off as wanting a lot of attention from a large population of guys (coming from someone who only has guys as friends).

    • I concur with this. This girl is fiending for attention...and frankly the most is good is hookup with her.

      Why? Because I believe a girl fiending for THAT much attention can't be trusted to seriously date.

      Maybe I'm a huge a**hole, but that's how I feel.

    • I feel the same way, its like I'm playing with fire and that this whole thing could blow up in my face if I'm not careful. I think I will ask her out just to see what happens, she might even reject me who knows with this crazy girl haha. This is going to be a very interesting weekend if she accepts ;)

    • Keep me updated. I'm curious to know what happens too. :P

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  • One date won't hurt. Hopefully you'll get a better idea of the kind of person she is when there isn't other guys around for her to flirt with (intentionally or unintentionally)- and you don't have to end things to what she sees as 'perfect' if you don't want to. Go slow, you got nothing to lose right?

  • Run like hell! Just the fact that you even had to think of HIV should have been clue enough she is not a keeper. Toss her to the sharks!

    • Depends...are sharks immune to HIV?

      We don't want the sharks to get sick! :-P

    • LOL Prof Don! They are cold blooded, so I figure they belong together.

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  • lol she's a crazy one... hell if you want to bed her, go for it... just remember she works with you...

    Proceed at your own risk :)

  • dont !

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