Why would a guy NOT text a girl that he likes?

My good friend and I turned into FWB's. I ended up having feelings for him but I kept denying it and gradually we became meaner to each other.

He started flirting and texting this girl in our class. I was really sad and we stopped our FWB's and talking all together.

It's been a few weeks, but I just found out that the girl he was texting posted something on Facebook about him using her to make me jealous and that he really had feelings for me and he told her this when he told her he didn't want to date her.

I ended up casually texting him a question and he FINALLY text me back. But he doesn't text me first, or try to communicate to me in any way aside from when I ask him something and he completely stays on topic (doesn't ask anything, share, no jokes, nothing).

So Why would a guy NOT text a girl that he likes?


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  • there is a possibility he doesn't want ot be with anyone. he could be using you as an excuse to this girl. He could have commitment issues.

    He could also just be scared


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  • This guy sounds like a jerk tbh. trying to make you jealous? You should probably stay away from him. He's probably toying with you.

  • He's upset with you?


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