Would you think this girl was a sugar momma?

Last night I went to a very fancy restaurant with two guy friends. Of course we all dressed nice, I was in a designer dress.

My two guy friends are very handsome. Girls flirt with them everywhere all the time. I am ugly, and you can say "I bet you're not that ugly" but I am. I have been called a butter face so many times it's like a nickname. I have an ugly face and that's all there is to it.

So two hot guys eating at a nice restaurant with an ugly girl probably gets a few questions. Why would they BOTH be out with her when they could be with hot girls?

Then I paid the whole bill, almost $500, because I make more than both of them. After seeing that would you think the girl was a sugar momma and the guys are only with her because she's paying them?

So FYI I don't normally pay for them or buy them stuff. We usually all buy our own things. And the three of us have been friends for years.


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  • No, I'd think it was a business dinner.


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  • I would think so, also who spends and pays $500 on one dinner for three people? I'd have my refrigerator stocked for a month with that amount of money.

  • I'd think you had their families hostage.

  • Do you buy them anything else?

    Do they enjoy your company?

    Did they ever pay for their meal?

    From this event alone I would say yes you are

    • Usually they pay for themselves when we go out but I treated them last night. And I think they enjoy my company. We've been friends for years.

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    • I was the one that wanted to try that restaurant. Plus one of the guys just lost his job and the other just started working after not having a job for a year. I've been working consistently and make good money so I thought it would be nice to do for them.

    • Aw you seem like a nice friend :)

      You seem like a nice friend to have

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  • Well, I don't know what you look like so I don't want to call you ugly. However, based on what you described, yes I would probably think that.

  • If this is a regular thing for you to foot the bill than yes.. It would seem that way, but if you guys take turns and you are all just friends, than no.. But are you asking to know what it looks like to others or how you should look at it? Because who the hell cares what others are thinking... And just to put it out there, I think the world is filled with ugly people, and I'm not talking about their faces. A bad personality can make even the hottest person UGLY and VICE VERSA...