Is this girl going to be trouble? She claims to be Bi?

I'll try to make this short. A few days ago a new girl started working in my department where it is mostly guys. So as you can imagine most of the guys went after her, including me sadly. I only consider two of them to be worth while competition. She is cute and I like her personality, but the more I talk to her the more I kind of feel like running away.

When the two of us are alone talking her personality seems to change. She claims to be bisexual and she told me that I was the only person at work that she has told. I'm not so sure about that though. She keeps telling me how slutty she likes to dress and also how promiscuous she is, which contradicts an early conversation we had where she stated that she was looking for a long term relationship. She has told me her perfect first date ends on the couch, if you know what I mean.

What the hell is going on with this girl? I've seen her flirting with multiple guys, but that seems to just be her personality. I think she probably likes me, or at least wants to do me...but she kinda seems like a needy attention whore. Which is a huge turn off to me, especially if she comes with HIV or something. She is currently single since she broke up with her boyfriend two weeks ago. She is also two years older than me, but I don't think that makes much of a difference.

Should I ask her out this weekend? I have a feeling things could go horribly wrong...but I don't really have anything to loose so should I go for it? ha ha I'm so conflicted! Thanks!


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  • What's your end game with this girl because obviously, you know she's trouble. If you like this girl and you're thinking of a possible relationship, I think we both know it would be a huge mistake. If you'd like to go out and get laid a few times, then by all means, have at it.

    You don't respect the way she's coming off so you'll never respect her as a woman or a girlfriend. Just be honest about your intentions and realistic about your expectations, but a relationship with this chick, should be a no go. Easy.

    • Now that I think about is a really easy decision. Your comment made a lot of sense, and your right I don't respect her or even "like" her that way. Any relationship would be a ticking time bomb. I guess its just lust, nothing more and nothing less. Thank you.

    • No prob. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to see things a little clearer. You sound like a nice guy and I think you'll make someone happy.

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