Guys, would you keep texting a girl if you weren't interested?

A guy has texted me for months and supposedly he is interested but I have a feeling he just texts for fun or boredom. I knew him from before but he has the intention of asking me out when he has time off from school since he works, goes to school and plays in a league for soccer. What do you guys think? Would you text a girl for months if you weren't interested?


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  • Yes, I would only because I think it would be rude to just ignore someone totally. That is, unless I had a good enough reason to not to want to text/communicate with her at all.

    • What if he is the one who initiates the conversation first and flirts?

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    • Yes, now I know :) oneitis, isn't that some kind of obsession, or stuck on one person? I am sure you.will get cured once an amazing person.crosses your way :)

    • Lol yes, basically that's it, an obsession and believing that the person is "the one". And thank you, I hope you're right lol

      And good luck to you with your future relationship(s) :-D

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  • If he considers you a friend sure he'll keep texting regardless of any desire to date.

    • no he stopped calling me buddy ever since he told me he had a crush on me and he likes me now. I just wonder if he is using excuses to ask me out or he is just shy. But he keeps texting.

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    • Yeah something along those lines is fine.

    • Thank you ;D

  • It depends if I was a close friend yes I would but for the most part I'd only text a girl that much if I was interested in them. Are you and him attracted to each other? I think you should just go for it and ask him out sometimes guys are just to afraid to pull the trigger and ask.

    • He used to call me buddy until he admitted he had a crush on me and now he likes me, I also started liking him. I did tell him if he wants something between us to happen, because it is taking up so long for us to not advance in anything just texts. He just tells me to wait for him, that he is just really busy but to wait for him. He texts mostly and I text him sometimes. But I don't know if he just texts because he is txting other girls too and does not want to commit to dating one girl

    • He needs to make some time for you that's on him. Maybe you should just stay friends or friends with benifits. If he already doesn't have time for you know just imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship with him.

    • I guess that is why, but I'm not down for the friends with benefits type of thing. So I guess il just go with the flow and be friends for now. Thanx

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