Is he leading me on or what is he doing?

I like this guy we live in the same dorm rooms and he seems to be flirting with me. He'll look in my eyes a certain way and sometimes we'll stop talking and just look in each others eyes for 2 or 3 seconds without anyone saying anything and he'll smirk/smile and then continue the conversation. And he'll tease me and is playful/fun around me.

But he won't make a move! He never seems nervous the opposite actually it's unreal the confidence he exudes and it's like he either doesn't take my hints or outright ignores them. For example I asked if he wanted to watch a movie with me and he agreed, and we were laughing having a good time and I decided to touch him for a second on the arm to see if he would take the hint and get closer but he kept his distance, just flirting with words and his eyes. he didn't make a move and then excused himself after the movie saying he had to take care of some things.

If he's not nervous to make a move why is he not doing anything? Is it all in my head?


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  • Sound like he is setting you up so you will melt he wants in your pants that wants right now do not give keep your head in your books


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