How do you show a girl your into her without appearing desperate?

I normally keep my cool when I like a girl, but now and then I will meet a girl that I can't get off my mind and I wanna be around her all the time and call and text her. Do girls like this behavior from guys in the beginning if the girl is smitten with the guy as well. And how can he show he is really into her without coming off as clingy, or even a stalker. Seems to be a thin line there. And of course not showing enough attention or whatever and she can get mixed messages, feel confused, and forget about you. How do you handle such a situation where your madly into her like crazy?


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  • It is a thin line, yes. Stable relationships build over a long time. So just be with her. Call her occasionally. It's the constancy and stability that matters.

    The emotional turmoil will be there, it's something that you'll have to deal with.

    Also it is important to see whether she shows signs of liking you.

  • from my experience girls prefer to be in control of things like texting and calling. but it depends on what kind of women your dealing with. real women will try but fake ones will wait on you. but that's my opinion:)