What should I think about this guy?

I ran into a guy I knew 13 years ago. We were attracted to each other then, but I moved away and nothing ever came of it. We are in a completely different state from when we met so long ago. He has an extremely demanding job, and often works 12-17 hour days (really). I have a full time job and go to school 2 nights a week. We are both really busy people. We were texting for about 3 weeks before we finally went on a date. Sometimes I would text him and not get a response for a whole day, or maybe that night, explaining he was working all day and apologized for the late response. He always told me he wanted to see me. We finally went out and had a blast. He made me laugh all night. I stayed the night with him that night. He was as sweet as he could be to me. Cuddling, kissing, touching me... We slept together several times before I had to leave. When he took me home, he said a few things about seeing me again. I have tried to text him a couple of times since then (was Saturday night when we went out, it is now Monday night), and I have received very little response. I don't know whether I'm freaking out or whether I'm reading to far into it! Part of me is telling myself that he was slow to respond before, and I should relax. The other part of me is saying that since we had such an awesome time and night, maybe he should give me a little reassurance. I really like him a lot, and I am making myself sick over this! Please help!


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  • well,i think he loves you too he just doesn't have enough time to respond your text since he is too busy.u should relax and understand him and be confident of your relationship.don't worry:)

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