What's wrong with not wanting to hang with hot girls?

I'm not an 8 9 or 10 wouldn't it be foolish to hang with girls who are?

Hanging with them will only make me more INVISIBLE

When guys spot a group of friends they want to talk to the hot one not even the runner up.

Trust me I see this happen. I am one to admit that I would be too envious of a hot friend. But what's not to envy about hot girls?

Their lives are better near PERFECT

They have LESS physical flaws which is what Guys want

They can get away with almost anything

They are are cherished and admired

They don't even have to earn respect

Guys treat them like Jesus christ

Did I mention they get treated better?

They experience a lot of chivalry

Even if they don't have a good personality guys still pursue them

Hot girls can even get guys to do whatever they want... Guys are suckers for them they don't even noticek


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  • At your age, yes, a lot of guys are very immature and very shallow. Many think they will only date the hottest girls and ignore the others. The funny thing about that is that many of them end up with NO girl because they are so shallow, and many of the guys who somehow DO get those girls to go out with them quickly find that many of those girls have awful personalities, are spoiled/entitled and condescending, and they are miserable with her except when they are showing her off to their friends and lying about how much sex they get from her.

    Karma is a bitch...


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  • Is this a question or a bitch session...?


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  • hmmm

    Personally I don't necessarily hang with girls who I feel are overly stylish, they tend not to understand me and I tend not to understand them though some friends break this rule. However general attractiveness doesn't make any difference to the friendship.

    There are beautiful women everywhere in pictures on the walls and in real life you can't really avoid them. You have to compete with them whether you are their friend or not. It's kinda unfair to hold it against them I mean you could be missing out on having a really awesome friend.

  • This is the biggest bunch of sh*t I've ever read. I've been told multiple times I'm a ten, have volunteered with a lot of "help the children" and got a full ride scholarship to the college I'm going to because of my brains.

    You know how I get treated by guys? My dad started telling me I was a butch when I was 5 because I wouldn't refill his water glass. Every relationship I've tried to start has just been guys trying to "hit it and quit it". When I was 14 a neighbor my same age thought it'd be OK to try to rape me because I have a body like Marilyn Monroe. I've never gotten any good special treatment for my looks. I'm seen solely as a sex object because of how I look and I've come to accept that.

    Anyways you have no right to judge someone's life based on how they look. Next time you want to talk trash about how pretty girls get everything they want because of their looks think again.

  • omg, another serious case of butthurt. Don't depend on your looks to get a guys interest, because that at best is shallow especially if your attitude is $hit.

  • WOW!

    Are you for real?

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