How to know if he's into it or not?

Spent the night and the whole next day with this guy and haven't heard from him yet (was last Friday and Saturday). On Saturday he left me to go out with one of his friends from out of town and Monday he had a job interview but I still haven't heard from him...Should I make contact or wait a little while? I don't want to seem clingy!

Would love some guys opinions! :)


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  • He's not into you girl. I'm sorry to say that I mean he has whole Sunday to at least give you quick texts and tell you he enjoy his time with you. He's with friends he could still talk through texts if busy. Plus I don't understand why he didn't ask you to go hang out with him on Saturday night. Even if he think you would be busy he could have ask you. In my view you are not going to be clingy just you text him to see what's up with him. H

    • that's true, but he knew I was meeting up with friends and he is from out of town so seeing his mates was pretty important to him! but doesn't it seem he's into me if he had spent the whole next day/night with me? do I text and say if he wants to grab some dinner next week which is what he suggested? thanks :)

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    • why isn't it an indication if he stayed with me the whole next day? we didn't sleep together either if that makes a difference? sorry for all the questions, never been in a situation like this before!

    • I'll give you my example of my situation. I met this guy online we went out on the date(4hours) We has a great time but he has to go work. The next day he never contact me so I texted him we had a great conversations. The next day no texts from him I texted him we talked and he wants me to go meet him at the hotel. That's right there indicate he is not interested. He went home for holiday never once contact me. Only me chasing him and finally he told he is not looking for girlfriend just fun.

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  • You can contact him without looking needy, but whatever it is text, email, call etc make sure it is only one! After that, it is on him to get back to you. Trust me, if he likes you, he is waiting for you to make a move so he is sure he didn't piss you off and you really like him. Remember, just one!

    • I sent him a message asking how his weekend was and if he wanted to get a bite to eat soon? Sound okay? Thanks :)

    • Sounds good to me, but if he does not respond, just let it go. The more you push, the more he backs off. So all you can do now is wait. If he likes you at all, you will hear from him...might even take weeks, but resist the urge to contact him again, that kills all hope. Trust me, I know.

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  • Whats the worst that can happen? Text him. You'll always wonder what would have happened if you didn't otherwise.