What would you do if your boyfriend/ girlfriend did this to you? I need help.

okay so my boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and throughout the year we have had some pretty bad fights. we are both 19. But the other night I was over at his place and I commented on his high tube socks he was wearing saying I don't like them and their unattractive (because they really do turn me off). and I guess he got offended by it but doesn't tell me and just continues to be moody and not talking to me and just being very impatient with me. to me this is very childish how to treat a situation. like I drove all the way down to see him and he doesn't get over what I said about his socks until 2 hours later. and I was just sitting there waiting for him to just get over it. I asked him to please get over it and I said sorry. but when he finally did get over it he said I had to go in half an hour... because he has to meet with someone... when I was supposed to leave 2 hours later. Then I started to cry because I waited for so long and that he was going to ditch my like that and felt that I wasn't that important to him if he does that. and I just kept asking him not to do that to me and just to hang out with me like we were supposed to because I drove a long way to get there and I wanted to hang out with him. then he started yelling at me and saying all the problems he had and that he was going to leave that second because he couldn't be around me when I was just crying and begging him to just hang out with me, because I waited for so long for him to get over it and talk to me again. then he called security (but he claims he pretended to call them ). so I just left. like what would you do. all I wanted to do was hang out with him and now I feel so hurt that he would even do that to me and treat me like that :(. would you stay or would you break up with him.


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  • time to find a nicer guy closer to home, this guy is a duche he needs tiem to mature.


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  • break up, but being honest its both of your faults what he did was immature and a**hole like but you in that situation seem clingy and desperate. I'm sorry but that's my opinion and you don't want an immature a**hole but he won't want someone clingy and desperate. it won't work out between you guys

    • Im clingy and desperate when I drove all the way down there to see him. And I waited for him to be cool again and talk to me. I think anyone would be upset if they were treated like that. I drove all the way down there to see him and he treats me like that. But yeah your right in a way. Thanks

    • i didn't mean the part of ddriving down there and everything I just meant that it could be seen as that when you look at the story from his side, when angry people don't look at all the details