Girls, why close yourself off to 50% of people?

So I got this quote from the movie Chasing Amy. And it seems to make sense why don't girls date girls. They clearly have an emotional attachment to girls. My girlfriend is close to her girls is it because there is no sexual connection or more?


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  • because there is no sexual element and that is part of a relationship, a huge part in fact. the main glue that interests me in a guy is the sexual attraction between us. because otherwise we are just friends. obviously we need to connect on other levels too, but sexual attraction underlies all of it


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  • What's the reason you don't date your male friends?

    There's just zero sexual tension between me and my friends. The same you have it with some guys, by the way. If there's just no attraction, why the hell should you date?

  • Because there's no sexual attraction. It's friendship.


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