Such a thing as too much in common?

Did I play the nice guy too much?

Went out with this girl twice and think she's wonderful, but was never very flirty. I just figured she was that kind of girl and takes things slow.

She texts me yesterday saying she likes hanging out with me but doesn't feel a spark because I'm "the male version of her".

She doesn't feel anything, she doesn't feel anything, I'm not going to get hung up about that and just move on.

But is there such a thing as too much in common where a girl wouldn't like me because of it? Because that's a new one to me and confusing, I thought it was awesome we had so much in common and have fun together.


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  • Sometimes we just say things to justify the reasons we're doing them, but at the end of the day, she simply didn't feel the sparks. Many women tend to fantasize about what they're prince Charming looks like and will be like and if you don't fit the bill, we invent a reason why it won't work out.

    She might be dealing with a bunch of her own issues which is why her reasoning seems a little confusing. It is. I wouldn't be surprised if her expectations were a little on the unrealistic side.

    Forget about it. Go out and make some other lucky girl happy.


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