Online dating emails?

So the emails I have been sending out on online dating websites (a lot of which go to girls who say they want to meet me) have been either just read, read deleted or I just get a lame response. They usually go like this (depending on what's in their interests section on their profile): "hey hows your day/weekend going so far? So I see you like movies and music, what are some of your favorites movies and bands? Do you have any other interests? what do you think about the Yankees this year?" Now I send out these emails in hopes that Ill get them talking about stuff not just a lame "yes, no, all kinds" type of response. So my question is do I need to go get checked for a brain tumor or do I have the worst luck ever? Thank you in advance for any feedback!


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  • My advice to you: don't do online dating. I tried it for about a year and didn't even get close to finding someone. Most girls on dating sites get about a hundred emails from guys everyday (not exaggerating, I've had a few of them tell me this) so they usually don't read all of them, they just skim through them. Unless you're a really attractive guy and your profile pic lures them into reading your email, you will most likely get ignored even if you put a lot of thought into your first message. Plus there's also the fact that girls on online dating sites for some reason want a 10/10 guy with abs and money even though they themselves aren't much to look at. In other words, they are extremely delusional. Just stick to good old fashion meeting people in real life. It'll save you time and stress.