How would you react to a prank text from a date?

Few weeks ago I went on a date with a girl and I got her number, and yexyed her the next day but she said that her iphone crash and was in repairs. I am thinking of sending "i burried the body boss, now what?" How would you react?


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  • If I didn't know you very well, that would be slightly weird.

    • idk even know if I should text her sigh.

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    • i Facebooked her few days ago, she hasn't replied, and now I sent her how are you doing text instead of the prank :P but I might aswell forget about seeing her again

    • Alright, well you made twice the effort. If she doesn't reply, leave it/wait for her to contact you.

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  • I would laugh! it sounds to fake to be real so I would assume that it was a prank and probably text back, "Left you another one on your porch. Burry it soon. Cops are on the look out so be careful!"

  • If I Didn't Know You That Well I Would Probably Ignore You


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