What does she want, or what kind of behavior is this ?

So here is the story. I met her on a dating site. In the first talk, she said to me, that why don't I f*** her after visiting a place (that we both wanted to see) ?and she said some intimate/dirty things too during the first discussion. It was unexpected for me and I did not had sex for like few months, so I agreed and said that I would like to, but I was thinking that it would be too early for you. Then she said that, I don't think that I would sleep with you too early, and then we did not meet.

Then after a week, I was talking to her, and I asked her to meet on the weekend, she said, I can't meet you till next 2 weeks, and she said, I just wanted to tell you that I already have a f*** buddy. and she said to me that I know you only want to have sex with me. I did not had that in my mind, until she brought it up. and know she was putting it on me. I just neutralize the discussion by not arguing on that.

Then after 2 weeks, she contacted me and said that why don't we meet on weekend, we had dinner together, I had in my mind from the first discussion that she might give me a clue about the sex, but she was really tired, so I did not make a move. and she said, I am sorry I am really tired, so we can't go for further plans, that we made. She said, that I did not say before because, you had asked me before as well. I just dropped her to her home.

Then next day, she asked me what am I doing in the evening, I said, that I don't have any plan at the moment, then she said that why don't we visit the town, and then she again said some intimate things. on which I replied with a smile and just that We will see. Then after 10 minutes, she called me, that she forgot she had office work to do. So can I cancel it? I thought may be it is urgent, so I said OK as you wish. She said sorry 2 3 times. I said It is OK. If you get free , then let me know.

Two days before, We talked on chat, and she said that she has lost someone very close in the family and she is not in the good mood, she said that she is really in pain, I tried to sooth her, and then she said that, se is going to visit her friend, and will take drugs. I said this so not the right way. There are many other ways to do get rid of the pain. You will get over it. Then I said, that this is not the good thing, so you should at least listen to me on this thing, as I listen to you all the time she said to me, "You listen to me because,e all you want is to f*** me, just that". I wanted to be rude as well. But depending on her condition, I kept quiet and did not say anything harsh, as she was already in pain.

Today, we talked again, and she was talking about that to me. Then I was cheering her up again, and she said I want to forget it, then I proposed her to go for a helicopter ride, as it will be adventurous tour, she said OK I am in. Then after 2 hour, she sent me a message in my mobile that she will not join me for this tour (Contd...)

I wanted to explode on her on that. but I again kept quiet just thinking that she has recently lost someone close, so she is already in pain.

My question is, that why does she want, or what is she trying to do, playing mind games or what ?

and thing is, every time she brought up sex, and even started intimate things, but she has said to me two times that I want to have sex with her only. Well when she said, to me, yes then I got it in my mind. but every time she brought up this topic.


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  • It's all talk. Don't waste your time on her instead find someone else who isn't going to be flaker.

    • Thanks for your answer

      Yes, I have moved on, but My question was that, what kind of behavior is this. or what did she want from me ?

    • I really don't think their is a name for that kind of behavior. I honestly think she was just trying to waste your time & get your hopes up on something that was never going to happen. You would be quite suprise how many people don't have nothing else better to do than this.

  • She sounds like a flake. Move on.

    • Thanks for your answer.

      But why would somebody do that, and waste their own and other people time ?

    • Hard to say, maybe she likes somebody chasing her.

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